Current Teachers

Change of Career?

Are you considering a career change and wish to retrain as a Gaelic teacher?  Here is some useful information that could help you taking the important first crucial steps to your new career as a Gaelic teacher.

First steps…

The first thing you should do is consider which education sector you would like to teach.

Do you like working with young children?  Maybe you’re interested– in being involved in teaching a number of different subjects across the curriculum and dealing with kids from ages 3 to 11? If so, nursery or primary teaching could be for you!

Or perhaps though you would prefer to work with teenagers? Secondary would be place for that! Here you get the chance to specialise in one subject such as Gaelic. There are also opportunities to teach all curricular subjects such as Geography; History; Modern Studies or Maths through the medium of Gaelic.

Studying to become a teacher is a busy, but rewarding course.  Before you embark on the training you should consider whether you are able to commit the time to it.  You should be aware that the training and courses placements may involve you having to travel. 

Some courses now allow you to study from home, which may make it easier if you are considering changing to career in Gaelic teaching.